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Rubi is dedicated to fostering cultural participation among students. Our door is always open! Join us to express and explore your cultural interests.

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Hi, I'm Rubi,


Or actually... I am Janten... and we, we are Young Rubi. We are young, we are new, we are Rubi, and above all, we are culture. The University of Antwerp offers its students numerous ways to experience culture in an affordable way. Through the MOVE pass, you have access to the performances and visits that Rubi organizes for you.


Young Rubi is the brand-new advisory board of Rubi, by and for students. We regularly gather for lunch and discuss the cultural offerings of the University of Antwerp. Perhaps you will see us walking around the campus in our white T-shirts this academic year. If so, do not hesitate to approach us because we are here to make your cultural wishes come true.


Rubi has several fixed partners in Antwerp, such as AMUZ, Toneelhuis, Arenberg, and Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, allowing you to attend a performance or exclusive event completely free of charge at least once a month. Have you ever partied to classical music? It may sound crazy, but with Rubi, you can't imagine it crazy enough.


Apart from these activities, Rubi also wants to support the initiatives of student associations, cultural clubs, and individual students. You can address any questions about cultural initiatives at Rubi's office, easily accessible via the Kauwenstraatje, the R-block, or the Paardenmarkt.


Furthermore, Rubi also brings art to the campus. So, every day you walk past Rubi without knowing it: in the corridors of the R-block, the Agora... everywhere you see art! You can find the complete range of Rubi on the website.


Would you like to share your opinion about art on campus or the cultural offerings of the University of Antwerp? Let us know, or even better: join Young Rubi! Everyone is more than welcome with us. Send a message or drop by the office, and we will gladly pull up a chair for you at the table.


Much love and hopefully see you soon!

Janten Versteele Chairman, Young Rubi


Interested? Contact Rubi!


As the very first in Flanders, the University of Antwerp adds a generous dose of poetry to the mix with its own campus poet. Zainab Noor el Hejazi took the lead in 2018, followed by Esohe Weyden in 2021. In 2024, the torch was passed to none other than Leonie Moreels!


The campus poet sprinkles a bit of magic with her pen over student life every month and everything that happens in the vicinity of the university. All poems are featured in our newsletter and on our news page.


Get to know the former campus poets below and also meet the current poet-in-residence: