Partners of Rubi

In order to offer a fantastic cultural programme, Rubi cooperates with cultural partners in the city. Discover them on this page.

AMUZ wants to offer and promote cultural, educational and scientifically based activities in the field of music and related artistic expressions, both in AMUZ and on location, at regional, national and international level. To this end, AMUZ organises concerts, courses, lectures and other activities in line with this. The principles of historical performance practice are always central to these activities.

Historical performance practice means that a musical creation is performed on the basis of the current information about the original composition and about the instruments with which it was performed at the time of its creation, without detracting from the artistic interpretation by the performing musicians.


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Toneelhuis, the largest urban theatre in Flanders, is a house of difference, a meeting place for self-willed artists, artistic disciplines and diverse audiences. Located in the historic Bourlaschouwburg in the centre of Antwerp, Toneelhuis provides a home to a wide variety of theatre-makers who produce contemporary and innovative work with an international appeal. Their artistic diversity is a reflection of the multitude of positions that characterise our times and our society. The Toneelhuis makers create their performances for the Bourla, for specific locations and for theatres in the Netherlands and abroad. 


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To be the symphony orchestra of Flanders, with Antwerp as its home base, that moves and inspires the widest possible audience through concert experiences of the highest level.

The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra is an enterprising institution that produces its own concerts and socially relevant classical music projects and sells these productions nationally and internationally. 
The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra maintains sustainable and constructive relationships with partners, governments, the business world and the wider social environment.
As a recognised Flemish Artistic Institution, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra plays on the most important stages in Flanders and is also a Flemish cultural ambassador abroad.
The varied programme ranges from Baroque and Romantic music to contemporary repertoire, with special attention to Flemish musical heritage, innovative projects and education.
The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra has strong local roots in its home base of Antwerp, also thanks to its social-educational activities for very diverse target groups.

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Read more on the website of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra 


Cinema Cartoon's has been an established part of Antwerp city life since 1978. Despite Antwerp's reputation as a bustling film city, in recent years Cartoon's was the only place where the film lover could still enjoy himself in a cosy, authentic atmosphere. When the cinema was declared bankrupt on 24 September 2013, many reactions and calls for rescue action soon followed to ensure that this gem with a rich history was not lost. The Lumière Group put its shoulder to the wheel and took over the Cartoon's. Lumière wants to continue Cartoon's in the same familiar spirit, but a substantial investment was absolutely necessary to give this Antwerp institution a new look. 

Cinema Cartoon's wants to present itself as a city cinema and opts for a varied choice of films that will appeal to all ages. From in-depth documentaries, award-winning feature films, modern classics and small audience films to unconventional genre films. A monthly programme ensures that you are well informed about the upcoming films and playing hours.


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The Arenberg has a rich history as a cultural house. Over the years, the theatre underwent a metamorphosis. It all started in 1852 with the foundation of a ballroom by the Cercle artistique, littéraire et scientifique d'Anvers. In 1929, the ballroom was converted into a theatre. In the 1960s, the theatre was renovated in its present form. From an elitist club in the nineteenth century, the Arenberg evolved into a cultural house with a wide range of activities in the centre of the city. A city that has changed just as radically in recent decades. The Antwerp of tomorrow is now gradually taking shape.


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De Kern is a theatre and concert hall near De Bist. With its varied programme, De Kern aims to be the beating cultural heart of Wilrijk.

Here you can see comedians at work, hear authors read, attend concerts and subscribe to the better theatre. Change of food makes you eat, and that's why we like to keep our offer varied, broad and multifaceted. De Kern shows films every week that move and make you think. (Cinema De Kern is the third largest Flemish cinema culture centre. Every week we programme at least two digital film screenings, without the stench of lukewarm popcorn).

We present strong theatre performances for young and old almost every week and when it comes to music we have a lot (from cabaret to pop and world jazz). A wide range of lectures, workshops and long-term courses appeal to all sorts of lesser-known associations in Wilrijk. And we often work on location. We do this for example in the Community Centre on the Bist, the Bist Library (the most stable grower in the Antwerp library network), the many Wilrijk service centres, the many beautiful Wilrijk parks, etc.


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WISPER organiseert artistieke cursussen dans, theater, muziek, fotografie, beeldende kunsten en literatuur voor volwassenen vanaf 18 jaar.

Je kan steeds kiezen voor cursussen op je eigen niveau, van absolute beginner tot eigenzinnig gevorderde amateurkunstenaar. Daarnaast stampt Wisper ook voortdurend projecten en samenwerkingen uit de grond.

Zo zijn wij enorm blij dat we sinds dit jaar samen met Wisper Kunsteducatie nog meer aan het licht kunnen brengen. 

WISPER ziet kunsteducatie als een opdracht naar mensen én naar de samenleving. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat cultuur op verschillende manieren zin geeft aan een mensenleven en het fundament van een samenleving vormt.

Benieuwd naar het aanbod van Wisper?