Nocturne at MoMu for first-year & international students

Reserveren noodzakelijk

There are currently no more places available but you can register for the waiting list below! 

Rubi, Arenberg and MoMu are joining forces.

We would like to invite all first-year students & international students on Thursday 8 December to spend an evening bathed in culture!
A guided tour, dinner, exclusive show and after-party... Everything will be there. 

All you need to do: Register below and we'll see you at MoMu on 8 December - 5.30pm, we will take care of everything else! 


What to expect

With NITE SH FT, MoMu and Arenberg are redistributing physical and mental museum spaces. MoMu's latest expo 'MIRROR MIRROR' links fashion, psychology, self-image and identity. NITE SH FT brings the exhibition to the stage.

NITE SH FT is about discovery and recognition. Of what you did not know or did not yet see. Of who you are or who you want to be.

Antwerp-based abrahamblue grew up with a strong love for music. Over the years, he was inspired by a broad spectrum of genres. From classical Arabic singers like Fairuz or Abdel Halim Hafez, over dancing to Michael Jackson to the music of Beethoven and Bach. When Blue discovered jazz, a new world opened up for him.

That jazz combined with his love of nineties hip-hop, soul and gospel, result in his eclectic style. abrahamblue taught himself to play piano, guitar, bass and drums. A process that involved experimenting with vocals and the search for his unique melodic groove. A quest that earned him the award Most Promising Artist Of The Year at the Redbull Elektropedia Awards.

His first EP Tracks I Made Last Summer was picked up by BBC Radio 1 and Studio Brussels.

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