Jaap van Zweden

Jaap van Zweden dirigeert Beethoven

Thursday 09/03: Ode to the grand master of all symphonists

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
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No better work to celebrate the return of Jaap van Zweden than Beethoven's Seventh Symphony!

This much-loved milestone in the repertoire shows the grand master of all symphonists bubbling with a zest for life, and was therefore nicknamed 'the apotheosis of dance'. And yet, beneath this festive display, there is also a serious profundity: the poignant second movement is a declaration of Beethoven's struggle with increasing deafness.

By linking music to personal reflection, Schubert followed in Beethoven's footsteps. He thus emerged as the most poetic composer ever, at least until the arrival of Richard Strauss. Both composers left a vast oeuvre of moving songs full of emotional subtleties, orchestrated for this programme to the bronze voice of Matthias Goerne and under the passionate direction of our conductor emeritus.

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