About Elly

About Elly

14-15/03: tg STAN, Toneelhuis, de Roovers, Theater Antigone

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A performance about doubt, friendship, honour and betrayal, based on the film of the same name by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi (A Separation). By and with 12 actors from different generations and backgrounds. (Spoken in Dutch)

"I believe that the similarities among the human beings on this earth and its various lands, and among its cultures and its faiths, far outweigh their differences." (Asghar Farhadi)

After the performance A Separation (2020), tg STAN once again delves into the oeuvre of Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, this time with what cinephiles consider his best film: About Elly. With a group of 11 actors, in which different generations and backgrounds are represented - Iraqi, Iranian, Dutch, Belgian, Afghan - tg STAN in spring 2023 creates this performance about doubt, about friendship, honour and betrayal.

The story is set on the Caspian Sea, where a group of friends spend a weekend with their children. Elly, the kindergarten teacher of Sepideh's child, is along as a guest. Ahmad, newly divorced, has just returned from Germany for a few days. Sepideh tries to hook them up. There is an exuberant atmosphere. There is discussion, eating, singing, dancing.
When Elly suddenly disappears, the mood turns and we witness an exhausting search in which a tangle of lies and half-truths emerges. And then suddenly Elly's fiancé shows up.... 
We see a group of people struggling with their morals. The carefree gives way to drama. Solidarity crumbles and everyone's individual interests come to the fore. 

Does an individual dare commit treason against another if it allows her to protect the group? Which truth is true and for whom? And is the truth really that relevant? Or can a lie bring salvation?

This play is spoken in Dutch! 
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